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I know something new. I know how to design and build homes that are dramatically better than any I’ve ever built. What I know is radically simple. It is systematically measurable and therefore proven. It …

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Then think again. It’s time to ask some fundamental questions. Sometimes all over again. It’s time to think clearly. Then act!


Design matters. When we learn to use all the tools in the design toolbox we discover more and make smarter choices.


Build better. Its time to make smart choices about how we build and the materials we choose to build with.


And energy sense. Our future literally depends on our ability to understand and use energy wisely.


Experience. Imagination. Familiarity. We depend on the sum of these part to offer and make good decisions.

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Better Home. Better Life.
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This June 10 Workshop in Canton is for anyone eager to learn what it takes to make a good home great.

JWDesign“Discover how design thinking clears the path to a great home with a process you can manage and achieve.”



If you’re considering what’s next for your home this workshop is your “on-ramp” to how its done. We meet people all the time who know their home could be better but aren’t sure how to move forward. This participatory workshop is intended to reveal the roadmap that will give you the confidence to get moving.

Wolfworks design evangelist Jamie Wolf, a respected industry innovator and award winning builder will share insights from thirty years of making good homes better. He’s eager to introduce you to a systematic way of discovering what’s possible and at what cost, then getting it done.

  • Learn how to get the information you need to make smart choices and avoid common mistakes.
  • Understand how building science and new technologies allow us to create dramatically more comfortable, healthy, durable, and efficient high performance homes.
  • Look at how an appropriate project budget is established, managed, and guides essential decision making.
  • See how imagination and craft combine to create spaces of lasting beauty.
  • Consider when it makes sense to remodel, move, or build a custom home.
  • Invite your home to change its bad habits and provide you with delight in place of frustration.

Discover how to think differently about what’s possible. Chances are it’s more than you thought.

This participatory workshop takes place Wednesday June 10 from 7:00-8:30 at Realty Works Meeting Center in Collinsville Center • 124 Main Street, Canton, CT

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Local Harvest. Site Wood & Energy provide Net Zero Performance for a 50’s Farmington Cape.
Local Harvest. Site Wood & Energy provide Net Zero Performance for a 50’s Farmington Cape.

From great meals to great homes, it’s harvest season! With local food from farm to table it’s gratifying to know where your food comes from and that what you eat is supporting the local farm …

Did you miss it? We all learned a lot at the Net Zero Open House
Did you miss it?  We all learned a lot at the Net Zero Open House

This past weekend about sixty people came out in the rain to see, touch, and feel how different a future friendly home is from the homes most of us live in. The grand prize winner’s …

Open House for Farmington Net Zero Winner
Open House for Farmington Net Zero Winner

On Saturday October 4 from 11-3 you’re invited
to visit EnergizeCT’s 2013 CT Zero Energy Challenge Grand Prize Winner right here in Farmington.
Get directions at the end of this post.
What’s it like to live in …

Beautifully Done: The sun shines on another Net Zero Winner!
Beautifully Done: The sun shines on another Net Zero Winner!

This Farmington home produces more energy than it uses on an annual basis. Pretty remarkable, right? This “net zero” performance deserves recognition; that’s why energizeCT created its annual CT Zero Energy Challenge. And that’s …

Net Zero: The new goal posts
Net Zero: The new goal posts

This is a story about where we live and the energy we use to live there and the tantalizing prospect of actually producing all the energy we need on an annual basis – its a …

Saving Energy with a Thick Skin
Saving Energy with a Thick Skin

We’re just closing up the building “envelope” on a Passive House project in Farmington. This is always an important milestone in the project because we get to test how effectively our air sealing strategy …

Passive House Winner Meets the Challenges
Passive House Winner Meets the Challenges

CT’s First Certified Passive House wins the 2012 CT Zero Energy Challenge

The Passive House we designed and built in Harwinton this year has been recognized for meeting two significant challenges. It is the first house …

Designing and Building the Harwinton Passive House – Part One
Designing and Building the Harwinton Passive House – Part One

Paul and Diane Honig and their family moved into their new Passive House a couple weeks ago and are marveling at the indoor comfort as winter approaches. This is what it’s all about for us, creating a home that looks great, works well, and feels good to be in.

Building a Future Friendly Home

We are building a Passive House in Harwinton, CT. Over the course of its construction we are inviting people to visit and learn about the ways in which the remarkable comfort, health, durability, and efficiency of this home are technically achieved. This is a special chance to see how it’s done. Come inside and take a look around. Experience the difference.

Building a Future Friendly Home
Building a Future Friendly Home

We’re building a new home in the Harwinton hills. When we say we need to build future friendly homes, this is what we mean.