This is your opportunity to collaborate with a growing team of Builders and Architects to craft homes of lasting beauty that harvest the sun to produce as much energy as they use. Wolfworks is a mission driven and worker owned company specializing in high performance residential design and construction throughout Connecticut.

Our Mission:

We are committed to designing and building in ways that are better for people and the planet.

  • We are committed to collaboration

  • We are committed to providing guidance

  • We are committed to our planetary impact

  • We practice Design Thinking

  • We are devoted to craft

  • We pursue a triple bottom line: People, Planet, Prosperity

Located in Avon, CT, we are seeking a full time Project Architect to join our growing and enthusiastic team. This essential position supports our ability to guide satisfied clients through the process of designing and constructing residential projects that look good, work well, and feel good to be in while reducing the environmental impact and enhancing the comfort, health, durability, and energy security of the home.

Your Opportunity:

Our ideal candidate has experience (5+ years preferred) in a residential architectural and/or design setting. Applicants must be passionate about residential design and have experience in working with clients, contractors, consultants, and project team members in a collaborative fashion.

This isn’t just any architectural job. This is an opportunity to collaborate in expanding Wolfworks design voice and its integration with craft experience. As a leader of the design guidance our client’s value you will set the stage for the successful completion of new high performance and remodeled homes that are great places to live. You will be self-managed and be the lead designer for all of your projects.

At Wolfworks, all are encouraged to make decisions, accept responsibility, and question decisions and processes in place. All employees are encouraged to contribute to the performance of the company and have a say in shaping its future. Our company values and promotes growth and development opportunities for all employees, while also empowering them to take ownership of their work and make decisions that impact the company’s success.

Here is the full Job Description, including who we are and why this role matters, along with the Role Mission, Scope of Work, and an outline of compensation. Hiring decisions favor those with an interest in a path to shared ownership.


Are you interested in joining Wolfworks in this role? We’d like to start by getting to know you, the experience you expect to bring to this job, and offer you an opportunity to ask more about Wolfworks and this role. If you fit the profile for the role, we will invite you to share more details about your work experience, your resume, your references, and how you think you’d fit in here. We’ll also follow up if the fit doesn’t seem right.