Here is where we “show our work.” Our Portfolio is organized to share Projects, Performance Profiles, and a look at the Five Great Spaces. We’ve also created Video Resources that explore Project, Processes, and offer Tutorials to help guide you as you engage with us. Each area has a purpose. We invite you to visit and explore and learn from each.

PROJECTS showcase a range of projects and project types, each with its own narrative. Here you will discover our devotion to Design & Craft. Each Project has a story. There is a lot to explore here.

GREAT SPACES is devoted to illustrating the Five Great Spaces that every home deserves. These are the attributes of every great home. These are examples and explanations of these essential spaces from our work.

PERFORMANCE PROFILES take an in depth look at Projects that have achieved significant levels of Comfort, Health, Durability, and Energy Efficiency. We explain the projects and the levels of performance they achieved.

VIDEO RESOURCES were created to explore and better explain what is going on in some of our projects and the processes we depend on to work successfully together. We also offer Tutorials that attempt to explain our thinking and practices.

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