You sense your good home could be better in so many ways.

Fit better. Feel better. Work better. Perform better. 

Your home needs great spaces. Start with an easy to recognize and welcoming meet and greet, “honey I’m home” entry that is equal parts beauty and function and flows easily in both directions, inside and out.

Add a suite of open spaces for informal social gathering anchored by a kitchen hub that moves the farm to the family table and invites everyone on and in to cozy up on the couch. Extend indoor living with seasonally active “outdoor rooms” that flow directly and share views with central activity areas.

Retreat to a master suite with a sequence of bedroom, dressing, and bathing spaces that ease you into and back out of your day. Satisfy personal needs with “bliss spaces” that support health in all its dimensions: spaces to muse quietly, to play noisily, to craft creatively, to exercise vigorously.

Offer contemplative space for concentrated work. Establish organized space to maintain order and manage household activities. Accommodate your guests graciously.

This is what it means to live in a great home.


This simple equation is our vision. Let’s make it so. 

There is a direct relationship between your home’s embrace and your well being. Yes, that includes each of these great spaces, but it extends to new dimensions of what we call “home performance.” These are features you won’t find or have ever experienced in homes built for the world as it was, a time when only passing thought and little concern was given to these essential qualities. And they don’t just matter to you, they matter for the planet

Homes for the world as it will be

Chances are you live in a home built for the world as it was. Today, a new approach is possible. You can build a new home – or remodel your existing home – to levels of comfort, health, durability, security, and energy independence that were impossible just a few years ago. Combine these techniques with an integrated, holistic design process and real craftsmanship, and you can have a high-performance home of lasting beauty and value that both serves and delights in ways you have perhaps not even imagined.


Stable temperatures inside, year round

Imagine a home in which there are no drafts, no warmer and cooler areas, no cold surfaces. Filtered, fresh air fills the house while keeping the temperature even. Pollutants and allergens are removed, making it healthier for you and your family.

Light and liveliness are at the heart of these homes. Natural sunlight fills the rooms, prudently balanced: enough in winter, not too much in summer.


Well-designed spaces bring family and friends together. No more orphaned corners or unused rooms. No more piles of stuff. A place for everyone in your family, and the activities they love.

Do I have to sacrifice beauty?

Style and appearance are still fully flexible. This method of building doesn’t place heavy constraints on creative vision. These homes are no less beautiful than their neighbors. You might live near one and not even know it.



Say goodbye to rot and mold: these walls are designed to manage moisture. No more ice dams in winter – the walls and roof create a hearty winter jacket that stands up to the extremes. And best of all, there are no more big mechanical systems to fuel and repair. These homes last a very long time.

The Operating Cost is Minimal

A home designed this way uses a miserly fraction of energy for heating and cooling, and less energy overall than a conventional home. Here in Connecticut, you can keep one warm all winter (and cool all summer) with the equivalent of a hair dryer or two. And if you decide to install solar panels, you may never see another energy bill again.

See One In Action

Look inside one of these homes and hear from the homeowners who enjoy its benefits.

Why don’t I know about this already?

In Europe, they’ve been building this way for over 25 years, while here in the USA it’s still catching on. But the idea is taking hold – there are already homes like this in your area. It’s rare, but not radical. These new methods of building deliver their results predictably. Expectations have been raised.

Most new homes on the market are built the same as the old ones: standard wood frame walls, considerable air leakage, modest insulation, large mechanical systems…leading to a life of high energy bills, pockets of discomfort, risks to health like mold. The same old approach brings the same old results.

While this new approach benefits from new technologies, an integrated understanding of building science is the key. You need to plan thoughtfully in order to achieve these results: they’re baked in, not pasted on.

This is achievable today.


Design and Building as a single enterprise

We integrate design thinking with craft experience to create homes of exceptional performance. You can find plenty of people who practice the parts, but few as equipped to manage the whole. We guide you along a path that leads, step by methodical step, from discovery to design to craft to enduring performance and lasting beauty. From the beginning you’re sitting side by side with your designer and builder, and that communication makes a world of difference

The difference matters

Once familiar with this process, its hard to imagine creating a truly satisfying project without investing time in thoughtful design, good communication, and a collaborative relationship. This is your introduction to how our design and construction process progresses and what it accomplishes in the process. We think it will make a significant difference in the success of the project you are planning.

Thanks for all your incredibly great listening, creativity, patience, skill, vision – we could not have chosen a better builder!

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