You can see those parts of a home that give it architectural character and that set the stage for each dimension of your domestic life. You can see their shape, feel their texture, and respond to the way they connect and flow (or don’t!). But the things you can’t see contribute to other essential qualities of a home: comfort, health, durability, and energy security. These things matter!


These Project Profiles highlight the ways in which each of these projects “perform.” Their stories include the things we measure to assure they perform and include the data and specifications that demonstrate “high performance.” These projects stand out for this achievement. Several have been awarded for it. We share this to show what goes into attaining this result but as importantly, to call attention to the significant rewards of designing and building differently.

Harwinton Passive House

This award winning house beats the rigorous Passive House standard and produces as much energy as it consumes. It goes beyond Net Zero, it’s Net Positive!

Farmington Net Zero Award Winner

This Farmington home produces more energy than it uses on an annual basis and received the Grand Prize in the CT Zero Energy Challenge

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