Curl up in this Cozy Corner

This “cozy corner” was designed as a place to retreat and renew. It was built in a sunroom that was not used much. By setting the upholstered “couch” at floor level it feels private. The space is used for listening to music, napping, snuggling, and reading, alone or with a kid on a lap. Pretty inviting!

A Back Porch Retreat: Indoors

This inviting space was created down 3/4 of a flight down from the main living level. It opens onto an intimate suburban backyard patio and garden. Large sliding doors make that connection; left open they connect the two spaces as one. It is a place to retreat and relax away from the more social areas above. It is a place to visit with a friend, sit quietly with a book and cup of tea, or settle with a glass of wine to visit at the end of the day.