Retreat to a suite with a sequence of bedroom, dressing, and bathing spaces that ease you into and back out of your day. 

You deserve a sanctuary that accommodates a cozy bedroom, an ample closet and dressing space, and a bathroom you’re happy to spend time in. A space to unwind, connect, and renew.


A home offers two essential experiences. It is a place to live together with others, both family and friends, and the homes social spaces are designed to serve this purpose. But it is also a place to be alone or with an intimate partner, and for that it needs to offer sanctuary; a place that is restful and nurturing.

In the projects on display in this chapter of our Great Spaces theme you will see some common elements. These often include a bedroom space that is for the bed alone, with dressing and other functions nearby, but not in the bedroom. These other functions of course include a bathroom, and it is important that thought be given to the rhythm of coming and going, especially for two people, sometimes on different schedules.