Meet Erica Caserta, the second generation owner of Showcase Kitchens in Canton. Erica has been working alongside her mother and father, Doug and Colleen, for the last 15 years. Erica leads a team of experienced kitchen and cabinet designers who we rely on to guide clients through the cabinet selection process. They are essential members of our extended design team. Here’s how they help and why we trust their reliable guidance.

While there is a time to build custom cabinets from scratch, when it comes to planning a new or remodeled kitchen the options available from cabinet manufacturers provide exceptional versatility, high quality, clever organizing features, and diverse style and finish options. This “semi custom” category of cabinetry can be ordered to the fraction of an inch with many features that allow modifications to create just about any style , from traditional to farmhouse to minimally modern.

Our process of working with Erica and her Showcase team begins with a kitchen layout suited to each project space and our client’s design goals. We share that plan with Erica in anticipation of a showroom visit where they can see the breadth of cabinet options and features while learning what distinguishes one cabinet style from another. The three manufacturers they represent, Durasupreme, Ultracraft, and Shiloh each offer distinct door, finish, and style options from which we’ll discover the one best suited to the project.

Erica and her team are experienced specialists with a depth of product knowledge and practical experience that no amount of online research and shopping can come close to. They are also great people. We are champions of this kind of relational expertise. This is way more than a transaction.

That’s the part you’ll see and experience. What you don’t see matters as much. Managing the overall project depends as much on responsive communication, care in placing orders, and pro active resolution of problems when they occur. This is where a long term relationship proves itself, and Showcase has lived up to this standard over the many years we have worked together. We rely on it.