Summer Dining Room

This lakeside screen porch is the quintessential outdoor room. In a summer home devoted to family gathering the doors to the house can stay open and activity can take place in this screen porch as if it were just another room in the house. This is one of the great things about a screen porch – as long as the weather obliges that door can just stay open. And unlike an open patio evening gathering ended by the appearance of bugs, diners can linger as long as they’d like.

Cool Nights

We’re lucky to live in a climate where even on the hottest summer days cooler nights bring welcome relief. Before the advent of air conditioning a screen porch was a welcome evening retreat. This porch was added to just that kind of home in the neighborhood west of West Hartford Center. It provides a whole new living experience to this classic home.

An Interior Back Porch

A back porch off the back of this home would have hovered way up in the air. Instead we created a sequence of staged steps inside that leads from the kitchen gathering room down to this interior back porch, with large doors that can open out and step down to that Pocket Patio.