We depend on the guidance of experienced professionals in every aspect of our work designing and building homes that fit. For folks hoping to build a new home this includes an experienced realtor to find land in the community they hope to build in.

Sometimes the expense of remodeling your current home suggests looking at other existing homes before making that choice. For years we’ve depended on Lori Meyerson to help folks chart that course.

Lori has over thirty years experience as a real estate professional. She knows every neighborhood in the area. More than that, her earlier background in social work makes her an empathetic listener, which is critical to understanding each persons unique story and needs. That difference matters.


Lori explains,”I know that people are looking for great communication, in depth market knowledge and expertise in negotiation. Home buying and selling isn’t an easy process. It is very important to me that my clients know I’m with them every step of the way. They can count on me to be by their side before during and after the sale. When selling a home in today’s market I believe using home staging is critical. I will help maximize the best features and benefits of their home. If they’re buying I will explain the home buying process, listen and understand their needs and show properties that fit those needs.”

We asked Lori a few questions related to the kind of projects we build that she provides guidance for:

What are the factors that determine the cost of land? 

Determining the price of a parcel of land is somewhat similar to pricing an existing home…the more appealing the lot, the higher the price will be.  The features of a lot that will help determine price will include location, acreage, access to utilities including the options for well and septic if one is required. I provide information about recent lots which have sold nearby, if any, but each lot varies greatly so it can be difficult to compare. 

What do we need to pay attention to factor the full cost to build on land? 

Costs will include all site work necessary such as grading and/or tree removal, the installation of a septic system or connecting to public sewer if available, the cost of drilling for a well, if public water isn’t available.  In addition, consider the distance to the road for driveway installation and connecting to existing utilities.  A parcel of land must be zoned for residential use and any restrictions on the deed will need to be taking into consideration.

How does a realtor help find and evaluate land for sale?  

I know the area and know the lots on the market at any given time, including land that is not currently on the market.  I can access information at the town hall located in the area you want to purchase and be able to speak with town building officials about land they may be aware of. I’m also able to help in determining the value of a parcel of land by comparing what has sold recently. 

Back in 2005 Lori relied on us to remodel her home in Simsbury with a post and beam style, copper counters, and fun decorative painting