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We depend on the strengths of a diverse team. This includes our own staff, specialty trade contractors and craftspeople, and the vendors of the many materials we select to include in our projects. If you have an interest in working together with a collaborative team that comes to work each day expecting to create successful projects for satisfied clients, we’d like to get to know you and what you have to offer. We are committed to the people we work with, and expect their commitment to our systems and practices in return.



If you provide a product or service, fill out the form on the TradeHub page to let us know about the work your do and your interest in collaborating with us. We have a comprehensive Trade Partner system that aims to benefit everyone who becomes a valued collaborator.


We’re always open to hearing from folks who think they may have something to contribute to the work we do. What this requires is an earnest effort to learn about the work we do and the way we do it and the mission we serve. Our favorite thing is to be contacted with an honest to god old school letter explaining the interest and the initiative that made the effort to send it worthwhile. 


TradeHub is Our Trade Partner System

We’d like to explain how we work together with our trade subcontractors and vendors. We have a comprehensive process that we carefully manage to assure that our subs and vendors are qualified, communication is clear, costs are fair and accurate, professional expertise is contributed to the design, and the whole process is well managed and all necessary information well documented.

Our management system includes:

  • Recruitment – locating the best available subcontractors and vendors
  • Selection – reviewing qualifications and interviewing references
  • Orientation – introducing our management systems and processes
  • Consultation – gathering their input on project designs and budgets
  • Contracting – documenting a clear scope of work and contract conditions for a fixed cost for every task
  • Material Selection – assuring that materials are selected and available when needed
  • Scheduling – organizing a dependable project schedule
  • Supervision – coordinating all project tasks, providing guidance and information, responding to emergent conditions during construction
  • Quality Assurance – setting standards for quality and approving completed work
  • Site Organization and Cleanliness – assuring the site is safe, clean, and well organized
  • Communication – serving as a communication hub between the design and construction teams and the client
  • Accounting – maintain clear accounts and manage all billings and payments
  • Documentation – provide useful forms to manage all project information related to design, scope of work, budgets, work and material orders, contract amounts, billings, changes to the scope of work
  • Education – we teach what we know and learn from our trade partners

We consider each element in this system to be an essential strategic capacity. They are each supported by a carefully developed process that we manage and coordinate. They help all of us work effectively together to create successful projects.


We have developed these slideshow presentations to provide guidance about important phases in our work and relationship with our Trade Partners. They are intended to help you understand how our systems work and how they support our work together. We recommend viewing these presentation full size by using the “Full Screen” option available at the bottom right of the slideshow frame.


This presentation walks you through the role a trade partner plays in providing guidance to our clients about project costs during the design phase of the project and the development our our “Reality Check Budget”. At this stage of the process we are attempting to help our client understand the answers to two important questions: What’s possible at what cost?


This presentation explains the process that leads from the “reality check budget” to a contract to complete a clear scope of work. It is all part of a single system that keeps us all “on the same page”

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