This was posted in the midst of the all the challenges of getting our projects built in that crazy Covid year of 2020

Wolfworks is grateful for all the great people we work with

It’s been a crazy year hasn’t it!  We’ve all been tested; in big ways for sure, but most of the time in a steady stream of what sometimes feels like unending aggravations.

Do these situations sound familiar:

  • You make a call to order the materials for the job and learn that they are out of stock, won’t be available for a month (or more maybe), and by the way, they will cost significantly more than you expected.
  • You call other vendors, get nowhere, then go online to see if you can order them from somewhere else. They show 2 in stock (but at a higher cost) so you grit your teeth and place the order, then they only ship one and guess what, the other one won’t be available for a month (maybe).
  • Now the work you planned will either need to be delayed until you have everything OR you will end up making two trips to do one task. Ugghhh!
  • Now Janet is calling to ask (beg a little) you to come install the one thing because three things need to get done once you finish (you can come back when that other part comes in, right!)
  • You’re a team player and Janet takes care of you so you agree, then she calls to delay your work because all this has happened to the person who comes before you (Janet spends a lot of time on her phone)!

That’s just the supply chain stuff! The thing is that everybody is dealing with some variation on all this and together, it all stacks up. And like some crazy video game there is more trouble lurking around every next corner ready to whack you out of balance and wreak havoc on your day: torrential weather, unexpected injuries, anxious and excitable clients,  calls that go unanswered, paperwork to keep up with, orders to follow up with (over and over),  miscommunication and misunderstandings, and that’s before we even get to finding and keeping good employees!

We like to say that in our work there are workers and there are warriors.

  • Workers punch the clock, follow instructions, and are careful to avoid blame. “Not my problem!” is their common refrain.
  • Warriors show up and own up. They offer solutions to problems. They support others and take responsibility. “How can I help!” is their common refrain.
  • Workers keep their skills to themselves. Warriors amplify their skills by collaborating with others.
  • Workers don’t care who they work with. Warriors love to work with other warriors.

We’re grateful to have the pleasure of working shoulder to shoulder with all the warriors who show up (despite the aggravations) to move projects forward and get things done.


You’re all rock stars to us!