Create anticipation, but save the surprise!

Inside this simple and satisfying facade are room after room of truly great spaces. But the exterior is not giving that away. It is however suggesting that care and attention is being given to your entry to the home. Hmm… I wonder what’s inside?


The original walk was functional and unimaginative. Like most, a straight line front the street to the front door. By shifting the approach an arriving guest savors a more meandering approach. It is always inviting to view a composition diagonally, so the path begins off center. A new wall layers planting beds where there was only lawn before.

A water fountain transition

As you arrive at the front entry you are welcomed by the sound of water bubbling gently over the edges of this stone bowl and down thru the stones on which it sits. There is a bench here should a lovely day invite you to sit and visit before coming inside. Your transition from public to private has begun.

What a way to enter!

When we first met this home this is the way the family entered. Up a winding stair to an outdated wood deck and then in thru a sliding door of all things. No cover from the weather and a nuisance to shovel clear in the winter. Not particularly inviting is it?

Breaking down the climb and a gracious cover

When you need to climb your way up a large number of steps it helps if you can break the sequence into a number of smaller steps interrupted by intermediate landings. This is what was created here. A few steps outside get you partway there. What was once the outdoor deck is now an indoor passageway, while the space outdoors is covered and becomes an integrated part of the architecture.

A gracious and functional path crafted with attention to detail

Once inside the space offers function: coat hooks along the inside wall, a bench halfway up the stairway, and a coat closet behind us up a couple more steps and before finally arriving in the kitchen and family room. But as important, the whole thing is a layered composition of beautifully crafted architectural features in a variety of materials: wood, stone, glass, steel, textured wall coverings and leather upholstery. There is sumptuous daylight and planters that benefit from that sunshine. And how about that light fixture!

Pulling it all together

The rear of this home was once awkward and unattractive, with no easy way to enjoy a small secluded backyard. By adding a bit of space to the side and the rear it is now easy and inviting to enter the home and to enjoy the new back “porch” and its dramatic connection to the outdoors.