Meet Rob Allen. His dad Bruce had been doing carpentry and tile work for us for a few years when we first met Rob and noticed his interest and initiative. Before long it was Rob taking the lead on projects. There are many examples of the next generation stepping in and up behind a parent after growing up shadowing them on job sites. It starts out as a bit of “monkey see, monkey do” as they pick up on the rhythm and flow of a worksite, probably starting with sweeping up the site.

Every parent is eager to share and encourage their kids – even more so when they are following in your footsteps. Bruce taught Rob well. As we recognized his abilities we gave him the opportunity to take on more challenging projects. As time went on Rob learned more than his craft, he learned how to coordinate and manage a project. Janet took time with him to teach him our management systems and how we work to support each other.

On our projects he has had the chance to learn about how we design and construct high performance homes, paying careful attention to executing all those details. We’ve become confident in that interest and intiative as we continue to depend on him and his right hand man Mike to construct what we design.

We look forward to collaborating with Rob on many projects to come.

Take a look at him mobilizing a team to slide a sixteen foot sliding door into place in one move!