This glorious bedroom suite begins by capturing what had been attic space and sculpts it into a skylit play of surface and shadow. It is constantly changing depending on the light. While this may be the most dramatic space we’ve ever done, the idea is to discover opportunities to shape a space in architecturally interesting ways.

Beneath this dramatic space a central bedroom space for the bed alone is surrounded by upholstered backlit panels and a wood floor perimeter surrounding the carpeted center. The custom made floating bed frame sits against a full wall drape that just pulls away at the front window.

On either side of the space “shoji” door panels slide behind the upholstered panels to provide access to his and her closet spaces, with dressers, shelves, and hanging for each.

Their bath follows the craft patterns of the rest of the suite (and the rest of the house). Daylight is brought in from a skylight up above the tub. There is good lighting and storage integrated into the custom cabinetry.

This is truly a sumptuous retreat!