Putting your best foot forward

You meet the world at at your front door. You want to be able to welcome friends and family at this entry, offer them shelter outside, and enough space to exchange greetings or bid farewell indoors without feeling cramped. This means first and foremost, that folks need to intuitively recognize where to enter. The entry shapes expectations, which you hope are met when you welcome them inside. The best entries also serve your family as graciously as your guests, including nearby space that meet the functional needs of coming and going.

Every home deserves an inviting and accommodating entry that welcomes everyone, coming and going. Cover outside, with ample space to meet and greet guests. Space inside for family to come and go with functional accommodation for all the things we need to drop off, then pick up again on the way back out. Take a look at the “Inviting Entries” posts to see this great space at work.