I’m fascinated with “sensing” energy. I mean, what if we could actually hear the steady drip of the energy that is still flowing when we think everything is “off”.


Have you ever walked around your house in the dark and noticed all the little lights that are on everywhere: TV’s, Clocks, Cordless Phones, Stereos, Printers, Modems, Plug Strips, Chargers. Then there are all the things that don’t have little lights but we can tell are using energy because they are “warm”: transformers and chargers and laptops and sub-woofer. Oh my!

What about the classic noise in the night: the dripping faucet. It keeps you awake. Eventually you have to get up and shut it off. Or call the plumber after the fifth annoying night. Or what if it was a leak you couldn’t see, until it started showin up as a mark on the ceiling. We don’t like things to leak.

A drip is feedback. We need feedback about the energy that is dripping all the time. Then maybe we might be motivated to think about doing something about it!

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