A dozen years ago we transformed celebrated cookbook and nutrition author Terry Walters kitchen and home, and with it set the stage, literally, for her to communicate her mission and vision: to inspire all of us to eat clean and live well. From that kitchen and her generous heart comes her fourth book “Nourish: Plant based recipes to feed Body, Mind, and Soul.”

While visiting with Terry to have her sign a few gift copies we recognized that we are each working to fulfill similar missions. Our theme: Better Home – Better Life – Better Planet lines up nicely with hers. We are each devoted to helping people responsibly satisfy these two primal human needs: Food and Shelter.

Terry’s journey has been to discover the connections between food, body, mind, and soul, and in her books, classes, and many public appearances locally and nationally, she has been teaching us all to see those connections while equipping us to live them practically and accessibly. This inspiring book is her latest contribution to that quest.

NOURISH features 200 plant-based recipes organized by season in an easy-to-use format that lays flat and stays open as you cook.Terry is offering a 10% discount when you use the code WOLF10 at Checkout. Click here to learn more and order a book (or three!).

The changes we made to Terry’s home accomplished more than just providing her with a kitchen worthy of her craft. By adding a modest amount of new space we were able to eliminate the “friction” created by poorly arranged spaces and provide a convivial and open suite of cooking, eating, and gathering spaces that allowed the family to gather together whatever they were doing. Better Home = Better Life. We were able to create a primary suite that they can retreat to – Terry calls it her tree house as it overlooks the woods (she told us she slept there one night before the roof was even on!).

And just as important, we dramatically improved the energy performance of the home by upping the insulation and air sealing every where we could reach. The result is what we have come to call “barefoot comfort” – so named because Terry hoped that her previously cold floors could now be enjoyed barefoot. They are!