Right Up Front

At the entry to this suburban home we crafted a small “outdoor room” right at the front steps. This masonry structure incorporates a polished granite stone bowl with water overflowing into beach stones within the stone walled “container” (it houses the pump) with an integrated stone bench that invites a visit outside for people arriving or leaving, but wanting to linger. This is all part of a flowing transition from public to private space.

Front Porches are places to linger

Front porches may be the most familiar outdoor rooms. They evoke the nostalgic image visiting on neighborhood porches, and rightly so. They are wonderful places to sit and visit, or just hang out with coffee and the paper. The door is right there making it easy to pop out, then back in hearing the phone ring or an oven timer go off. And there is something soothing about sitting on a covered porch watching it rain!

Cover Out Back

Outdoor rooms connect in and out in every direction. Here a sweet little covered porch was created at the back door up from the drive and into the kitchen. The family comes and goes here pretty regularly. It also turns out to be the perfect place for a grille used year round, sheltered from rain and snow and steps away from the kitchen table.