Our “Better Home. Better Life.” Workshops were created for anyone eager to learn what it takes to make a good home great. Here’s an overview with an opportunity to be notified of upcoming workshops and a bonus download taken from the workshop content.

JWDesign-214x300“Discover how design thinking clears the path to a great home with a process you can manage and achieve.”

If you’re considering what’s next for your home this workshop will be your “on-ramp” to how its done. We meet people all the time who know their home could be better but aren’t sure how to move forward. This workshop provides a roadmap that will give you the confidence to get moving.

Wolfworks design evangelist Jamie Wolf, a respected industry innovator and award winning builder will share insights from thirty years of making good homes better. He’s eager to introduce you to a systematic way of discovering what’s possible and at what cost, then getting it done.

  • Learn how to get the information you need to make smart choices and avoid common mistakes.
  • Understand how building science and new technologies allow us to create dramatically more comfortable, healthy, durable, and efficient high performance homes.
  • Look at how an appropriate project budget is established, managed, and guides essential decision making.
  • See how imagination and craft combine to create spaces of lasting beauty.
  • Consider when it makes sense to remodel, move, or build a custom home.
  • Invite your home to change its bad habits and provide you with delight in place of frustration.

Discover how to think differently about what’s possible. Chances are it’s more than you thought.


This recent post summarizes the “smart choices” and “common mistakes” that are covered in the workshop. If you’d like to attend an upcoming workshop let us know here:

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    Here’s a taste of Jamie’s Guidance

    Taken from this workshop, Jamie has assembled a guide to “Better Remodeling” that encapsulates the guiding principles he has learned to rely on in making a good home great (many apply to new homes as well).  To receive this, please enter your name and email below:

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