Visit the house from where it is to where it will be


We’d like to invite you to take an open wall, open house tour of a new Net Zero Home in Avon being crafted to produce all the energy it uses. These “Net Zero Energy” homes are designed and built differently to achieve this remarkable energy performance. We’ll share the story of what makes these homes not just different, but better, by offering a presentation and tours during construction while the details can be seen and explained. The one hour presentation will showcase the features in this home that make this possible and gives you a chance to hear the story behind the design. Tours and a talk will take place at the home under construction in Canton at 10:30AM and 1:30PM on Saturday June 4.

We’ll be doing more than just showing you how we build better homes. We’ll explain how building this way creates spaces that are significantly more comfortable, healthy, and durable than every other home on the block. You will come away realizing why every home should, and could be built better, and why that matters, not just to the folks who live there, but as an essential response to the environmental challenges we face.


  • How we construct the super insulated and air sealed building “envelope”
  • High performance “net gain” triple glazed windows and where we locate them
  • Small and efficient heating and cooling system
  • Constant fresh air system with heat recovery (it captures heat that normal ventilation loses)
  • How simple forms and modest space feels big and looks good


  • Strategies to design and build a high performance home
  • How to set the stage to make smart choices when planning a new home (or remodeling an existing one)
  • How some old ideas can be combined with today’s most advanced building practices
  • Why better comfort, health, durability, and performance need to be baked in, not pasted on
  • How we are integrating solar, battery storage, and electric vehicles (batteries on wheels) to “bank” energy harvested from the sun
  • Why this matters to the world and how our homes shape the future


• Jamie Wolf & Kyle Cruz: Wolfworks architects will explain how it all comes together
• Janet Downey, Wolfworks builder will explain how its all put together

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