This bedroom sanctuary provides a welcome retreat for a hard working couple. They like to entertain in the rest of their home, but when it comes time for private domesticity this calming bedroom space invites them to relax together and linger.

Inspired by a visit to a Miami South Beach boutique hotel with flowing curtains and colorful spaces the curtains here are used to signal and recall the sensation of a memorable anniversary vacation. Rather than doors to the closets, these sweeping curtains recreate that sensuous quality.

This had been one large open space with a high ceiling. In subdividing it we only brought the new walls part way up, enough to define the spaces from each other, but at the same time allowing the ceiling to be shared.

Rather than separate bath functions by doors, the tub, the show, and the bathroom area all open into each other. Features like the wood deck by the tub and the floating soffit above the vanity are used to make each of these areas distinct from one another.

This is a great example of a Suite that really is meant to be a retreat.