We talk a lot about HOW we build, but we don’t often talk about where. We certainly favor building sites that offer good solar access, and we tune the building to take advantage of those “free gains.” But our clients come to us having determined and invested in where they want to live. We then design and build in a way that favors that site. A building’s location has implications for energy use and the owner’s carbon footprint well beyond how it is designed and built. We have designed and are preparing to build a new home for two UConn biology professors in which the answer to “Where?” assures that will be a lighter load.


Living in nearby Willington they sought a location close to the campus but with the rural qualities that draw folks to live in Eastern Connecticut. They had the good fortune to find and purchase land on Ravine Road in Mansfield, a dirt road thru farmland that connects to a road running directly to UConn.


We’ve designed a 1900SF Farmhouse with a master suite on the lower floor and two bedrooms on a modest second floor. The south facing upstairs bedroom will be used as their office and overlooks the ravine valley. You could be in Vermont! The home will be built to Passive House standards including triple glazed Tilt Turn windows that are familiar to them and they prefer. The plan includes a one car garage with room for bikes. They are looking forward to relying less on their car and more on those bikes. Having walked the road, it sure seems like a pretty idyllic way to realize our favored equation:


Better Home. Better Life. Better Planet!

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