Welcome to Wolfworks TradeHub. The system that connects the work you do to the projects we build.

Wolfworks in Avon designs and crafts right sized homes and remodels of lasting beauty that harvest the sun to produce as much energy as they use, with barefoot comfort, health, durability, and energy security baked in. We serve core markets central to the Farmington Valley, extend our reach to eastern and western CT, and on occasion, the shoreline communities. We’ve been doing this award winning work for forty years.
We build what we design. To do that Wolfworks depends on developing great relationships with the people who provide the products and services that we organize to create a satisfying project. We love building stuff and we like to work with people who share that enthusiasm. We see our job as providing our trade partners with the information and resources they need to have a good day at work. We also depend on them to provide us with their insight and expertise in ways that improve what we are designing, in terms of cost, craft, and a smooth workflow.

If this sounds like you, we’ve developed a management system that is devoted to providing both of us with a foundation for that kind of relationship. It’s designed to assure we can count on each other. It thrives on good communication, reliable information, and clear expectations. And when you show up to work on a project you can count on finding people working together with the same spirit and dedication. We want everyone involved to be proud to say, “I helped build that!”

If this sounds attractive, we’d like to get to know you and your company better. We may not have a project to work together on right away, but if your experience and interest in working with us rings true, we’ll take the time to get to know you better so that when the right project does come along, we’ll look forward to making the TradeHub connection to the work you do.

Wolfworks TradeHub Contractor Requirements and Registration

To become registered as a Wolfworks TradeHub Contractor we ask that you first complete a brief survey describing the services you provide, how your company is organized and managed, your ability to work with us in planning projects, and your interest in our mission to design and build energy efficient and environmentally responsible homes.

All Registered Contractors are required to provide the following documents:


7 + 14 =

I’m Available!

Maybe you had a project delayed, you can’t work due to weather, or you just have a whole to fill in your schedule. As part of Wolfworks TradeHub system, one click on our “I’m Available” button alerts us to time you may have available in your upcoming schedule. Registered Wolfworks TradeHub Contractors can click here to notify us whenever they want to say, “I’m Available

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