Your Project Snapshot is a meeting with us at your home (or our office if you are planning a new home). It’s designed to provide you with the information and understanding you need to move forward with confidence. Following that meeting we provide you with a written report summarizing what we’ve learned together that will help you take the next step. 



  • Learn about you and your interest in living in a better home and how that will contribute to a better life
  • Tour the home and yard together to understand how it is constructed and used
  • Learn about the projects that are being considered and what they are intended to achieve
  • Learn about levels of comfort, health, durability, and energy use
  • Provide insight into opportunities that are being overlooked
  • Introduce guiding principles about great spaces and how they contribute to a great home
  • Provide a road map with a step by step process and timeline for making smart choices about what to do next


  • Summarizes what exists and your aspirations for change
  • Describes the scope of the opportunities that make sense to pursue
  • Provides an order of magnitude assessment of the probable investments required
  • Unfolds the roadmap and timeline for moving forward
  • Outlines a sequence of next steps and how they fit together
I’m Jamie Wolf and I look forward to meeting you and learning about how you live – and would like to live – in your home. I’m eager to help you discover how to make it great!
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Please note that to effectively manage our projects we serve a geographic area within appx. 30 minutes travel from our office in Avon, Connecticut.

Once you register we’ll confirm a convenient time to meet based on your preferences.

Would you like to chat before scheduling? Give us a call at 860-676-9238

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