Your Project Snapshot is a meeting with us at your home (or our office if you are planning a new home). It’s designed to provide you with the information and understanding you need to move forward with confidence. Following that meeting we provide you with a written report summarizing what we’ve learned together that will help you take the next step. 


Wolfworks Project Snapshot is your opportunity to take a solid first step toward creating a great home. Every project we do begins with this essential Feasibility and Orientation phase.

For a small investment of time and money you’ll get a fresh look at your home and how you live in it. If you are planning a new home, we’ll do the same. Before proceeding with our full design process we provide this essential information and guidance for a fixed fee of $800.

For new home project this includes:

  • A two hour meeting with you to learn about you and the project, develop a ProForma budget for that project together, take a tour of the design/build process and how we “see” what we’re planning to build, the nuts and bolts of collaboration, and describe how we “bake in” exceptional comfort, health, durability, and energy security. This meeting sets the stage for the work that follows.

For remodeling projects this includes

  • A one hour meeting at your home to get to know you, your home, and the changes you are hoping to make. We’ll share opportunities we observe that you may be missing. You’ll get a chance to see your home through our eyes.
  • A followup one hour meeting back at our office a week or so later to present your Project Snapshot

In both cases we provide:

  • A written project summary including opportunities, challenges, budget ranges, and a project roadmap
  • An orientation to how we employ design thinking in all our work with you
  • Individual written guides related to finance, design, planning, and expectations for the experience
  • A Design Agreement based on your goals to begin the full design of the project

Additional consultation in evaluating potential building sites, regulatory research, or other preparatory planning can be provided on an hourly basis.

During our meeting we’ll get to know you and how you’d like to live, listen to your ideas about how to accomplish that, and provide insights about opportunities you may not have recognized or considered. We’ll evaluate the opportunity to design and craft the kind of great spaces that add up to create a great home as well as the chance to improve comfort, health, durability, and lower energy use. You’ll be introduced to a project roadmap with a step by step process and timeline that clears the path to what we’ve determined you could accomplish. Along the way you’ll get to know us and how we practice design thinking.

Our goal is to discover what’s possible, the journey that will require, and to describe both clearly. The stage will be set for you to decide how and when to take the next steps toward creating a great home.


This document will provide you with an overview of what we provide in this Feasibility & Orientation phase. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need and the guidance you are missing to move forward.


If you’re ready to begin, you can schedule your Project Snapshot here.

You will receive a brief survey and information about scheduling our first meeting together. We look forward to helping you clear the path to a successful and satisfying project.

If you’d like to chat first, please call us at 860-676-9238


Please note that to effectively manage our projects we serve a geographic area within appx. 45 minutes travel from our office in Avon, Connecticut.

Once you register we’ll confirm a convenient time to meet based on your preferences.

Would you like to chat before scheduling? Give us a call at 860-676-9238

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