Porches Do Double Duty

The back of this house goes from ordinarily boring to extraordinarily delightful and functional thru the addition of doors leading to these two linked porches and the patio at their center.

A Welcome Arrival

A bluestone walk leads around the side of the garage to the back of this house and what had been only a side breezeway entry, an empty expanse of lawn, a tall blank back wall at the back of the house, and worst of all – no way to get from inside out!

Now you arrive looking thru layers of porch and patio and are welcomed up and into the house thru the first of the two porches. Together they add architectural interest and functional access in and out of the house to a yard worth visiting.

No More Boring Backs of Houses!

One of the most consistent problems with standard houses, especially those in developments, is that very little, if any consideration was ever given to the back of the house.

Each of these porches opens off interior eating spaces, one informal off the kitchen and the other off the dining room, the shuttered windows in the middle are over the kitchen sink. The pergola over the landing links the two, each leading out to a patio made for socializing, with plenty of room for a crowd on the long landing step, and a stone bench growing out of the patio.

Subtle Arcs

Wolfworks designer Mark Couet created this subtly elegant design flourish by making a slight arc cut into the pergola beams that link the two porches. The further porch, off the dining room is screened. What is great about this is that the dining room doors can be left wide open inviting this space into the house, and those inside out to linger and enjoy the light and air.

Another fun detail is a small table along the outer railing that can fold up to serve outside dining on the otherwise compact porch space.

Unfolding across the Back of the House

The addition of these porches and patio adds texture and interest to the architectural form of the house as it unfolds from the drive, garage, and back entry walk. Now it extends out to this inviting patio.

In the distance, across from the house garage is a barn in which we designed and constructed a library for the devoted writing and enormous and constantly expanding book collection of one of the owners.

Steps as Seats

A trick we often employ is to break up the steps it often takes to get from inside out to a yard. Here we added another notion, steps as seating. Along the edge of the patio that each porch leads out and onto this simple step offers a place for people to settle and visit with each other.

Fun & Functional!

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