Mid Century Modernized

Three bathrooms in one of Hartford’s rare mid-century modern homes are remodeled with the heart and spirit of that inspired architectural moment.

Form, Fit, and Order

Its unusual to find a mid-century modern home in Hartford, let alone one that has maintained its classic features. We were invited to update three bathrooms (they needed it). In each space we drew on the materials and the style expressed throughout the house.

In the Master Bath we designed a new medicine cabinet and vanity in mahogany that would match built in dressers in the bedroom. Adjacent to each mirrored cabinet is a small box with a drop down door that acts as a shelf for the daily prescription regimen of our clients.

This single basin for two, also used in the “Bath with Wings”  project, helps anchor the strong symmetry of the vanity as you enter the bath (note the door the mirrors!).

Tapered to Fit

The light filled bathroom narrowed toward the windows at one end (a bedroom closet stole this space). The previous design had chosen to taper the counter to fit, and we took this cue as well. At the opposite end we swept the counter travertine counter back to the wall, creating a curved shelf space below. The swing out makeup mirror and wall sconces are mounted on a strip of mahogany that extends from the window frame and ties into its horizontal division.

A Compact Powder Room

In this little niche of space we crafted a floating counter and light frame. The sliding doors on the cabinet below use a pattern of holes taken from a light fixture in the family room designed by the original architect. The backsplash is constructed of wonderful round colored glass tiles.

Making the Most of a Corner

We managed to put a corner of this skylit powder room to good use by creating utility storage that also formed a display niche. Again we used the hole pattern favored by the origiinal architect in the sliding doors. This compact room is brought to life by these features, while providing welcome functionality.

Layers of Space and Woodwork

This shared bathroom features more mahogany cabinetry with a railed light frame and extension of the medicine cabinet that is intended for the client’s personal rock collection. At the end of the room is a shower enclosure and a window covered by a patterned acrylic panel providing privacy and light.

A Shower Partition

The space for the shower is created by a simple half wall and panel with a sliding curtain to prevent spash. The curtain matches the pattern in the acrylic panel that conceals a window inside the shower. These layers of light and form, both the hard shapes of the woodwork and tile, and the soft shapes of the curtain and the leaf patterns, add interest to this small space.

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