Master Suite Retreat

Retreat to a master suite with a sequence of bedroom, dressing, and bathing spaces that ease you into and back out of your day. You deserve a sanctuary that accommodates a cozy bedroom, an ample closet and dressing space, and a bathroom you’re happy to spend time in. A space to unwind, connect, and renew.


A home offers two essential experiences. It is a place to live together with others, both family and friends, and the homes social spaces are designed to serve this purpose. But it is also a place to be alone or with an intimate partner, and for that it needs to offer sanctuary; a place that is restful and nurturing. In the projects on display in this chapter of our Great Spaces theme you will see some common elements. These often include a bedroom space that is for the bed alone, with dressing and other functions nearby, but not in the bedroom. These other functions of course include a bathroom, and it is important that thought be given to the rhythm of coming and going, especially for two people, sometimes on different schedules.

Browse thru these projects and observe the features that make each of these Master Suite Retreats such satisfying spaces.

High Craft Sweet Retreat

In this project the clients were eager to feature creative woodworking. They love craft!. The master suite is at the far end of the house, and the entry off the hall is buffered to create a foyer space. Head left and you see head toward the bedroom, right and you can come and go from the dressing area – useful when one person needs to rise early.

In what had been an awkward and useless window niche (it makes sense from the outside!) we converted it to a place to display a large sculpture that would otherwise be hard to find a home for. We set it off by creating a frame around the niche, placing stones on the floor, wrapping the window treatment around the walls, and lighting it for dramatic effect.

The bedroom itself is the retreat. Just a bed with flanking bookshelves – no dressers or closets in the room. The ceiling is dropped from nine feet to eight around the perimeter creating a better sense of scale an proportion and creating oppportunities for atmospheric lighting.

The bathroom had been oddly shaped. By pulling a furniture quality vanity away from the wall and installing a swooping light canopy above the space was redefined. The shower nestles a bench into the wall and takes its shape from the curving canopy above.

The master closet provides a mix of dresser, hanging, hooks, and shelving, with circulation off the bedroom and back out to that entry foyer. This is a magnificent master suite.



Jewel Box Master Suite

This glorious bedroom suite begins by capturing what had been attic space and sculpts it into a skylit play of surface and shadow. It is constantly changing depending on the light. While this may be the most dramatic space we’ve ever done, the idea is to discover opportunities to shape a space in architecturally interesting ways.

Beneath this dramatic space a central bedroom space for the bed alone is surrounded by upholstered backlit panels and a wood floor perimeter surrounding the carpeted center. The custom made floating bed frame sits against a full wall drape that just pulls away at the front window.

On either side of the space “shoji” door panels slide behind the upholstered panels to provide access to his and her closet spaces, with dressers, shelves, and hanging for each.

The master bath follows the craft patterns of the rest of the suite (and the rest of the house). Daylight is brought in from a skylight up above the tub. There is good lighting and storage integrated into the custom cabinetry.

This is truly a sumptuous retreat!



A Bedroom Sanctuary

This bedroom sanctuary provides a welcome retreat for a hard working couple. They like to entertain in the rest of their home, but when it comes time for private domesticity this calming bedroom space invites them to relax together and linger.

Inspired by a visit to a Miami South Beach boutique hotel with flowing curtains and colorful spaces the curtains here are used to signal and recall the sensation of a memorable anniversary vacation. Rather than doors to the closets, these sweeping curtains recreate that sensuous quality.

This had been one large open space with a high ceiling. In subdividing it we only brought the new walls part way up, enough to define the spaces from each other, but at the same time allowing the ceiling to be shared.

Rather than separate bath functions by doors, the tub, the show, and the bathroom area all open into each other. Features like the wood deck by the tub and the floating soffit above the vanity are used to make each of these areas distinct from one another.

This is a great example of a Master Suite that really is meant to be a retreat.



Master Suite Gallery

Here is a collection of addional images from a variety of great Master Suite Retreats!

Every Master Suite presents its own challenges and opportunities to create great spaces. Here is a collection of a few of these from our projects.



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