Front Door on a Lake

How about a house designed for dock appeal! This lake house is all about summer living overlooking Highland Lake in Winsted. The praise this house gets is from the boaters. And for good reason.

Designing for Dock Appeal

This had been a sort of thrown together house on the banks of Highland Lake when frozen pipes over a winter destroyed its interior. The remodel of that house no longer made sense. Instead we started over from scratch (our first tear down!), this time with a solid foundation and the opportunity to create a home that would shine. It was clear from the start that the view from the lake made the audience for this home’s facade the lake and its boaters. A long sloping gable and wrap around porch keep the house to scale, and the way it sits gently into its sloping site let it roll gracefully right up to the lake edge and dock.

Living Outside

Summer living is all about being outside. It’s also about keeping cool. Take the natural cooling provided by the lake, provide a broad deck and screen porch, add a rooftop deck off the master bedroom and common hallway upstairs, and you’ve got a house that is inviting you to come out and enjoy the summer day (and night – safe from mosquitoes on that porch).

Stepping Back

It’s not evident when you first look at the house, but the front porch steps back (and down) to achieve a couple important goals. By creating several different depths to the porch we pushed the living room windows closer to the view, while holding a broader sitting area here where the rockers are. There is room at this end of the porch for a few folks and a cafe table.

Stepping Down

By stepping down a little here (two steps out of the house) and a little there (two steps down to the yard – then with the wall a few steps more) we do two things:

1. The areas of porch that have railings are set low enough that the rails don’t interrupt the view from inside the house.

2. Being two steps from the ground allows us to eliminate the rail altogether (and turns the edge of the porch floor into a seat!).

Magic Light

Architectural composition is in part bringing order to all the pieces of the house. Add to that the play of light and shadow as each day and season unfolds and you have a never ending show to experience and enjoy. I love the geometry of this fall morning and the shadows playing across this area outside the screen porch.

It’s simply beautiful!

A Screen Porch that Connects

The screen porch is nestled into the east corner of the house, with double sliding doors to open into the house (steps from the kitchen), a door from the playroom, a door to the front deck and another to the yard. Any and all household activity can flow thru here. When it’s time for lunch I’m guessing a call from the porch has folks flocking here from every direction!

An Airy Overlook

There is something of the feel of a treehouse when a porch sits just enough up off the ground and offers a view like this one. One can imagine cool comfortable afternoons visiting with friends here while the kid’s are scampering around the yard outside. What a haven!

Arrival Side

As we make our way around the corner from the lake we see the porch extend up, gradually narrowing and stepping up, to the side entry to the house. A stone walk and wall ease the transition to the side yard and back parking drive. The front gable and box bay window are repeated on the side facade, both nestled into the wraparound porch roof to keep the house scale anchored and appealing. Color does the rest.

Takin’ It In

So this is what this house is all about. A beautiful location on a beautiful lake. And a beautiful home to enjoy and experience it.

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