A Kitchen Extends to Grab the Light

By adding six feet and connecting two spaces and adjoining to a family room we were able to create the expansive open living area that is so desirable and serves today’s informal family lifestyle so well.

Doing What We Love

Here’s the reason we work to create spaces that look good, work well, and feel good to be in. So that people can take pleasure in their homes doing the things they love!

A Flow of Spaces

The removal of walls opened a sequence of rooms to each other. From this family room we look into the kitchen and on beyond to a dining area. To the right is the side entry to the house and doors to the pantry and basement and a built in hutch at one side of the dining area.

It Doesn’t Take Much

More and more of our projects make the most of existing space by adding a very few additional square feet to the house. In this case the room is extended about six feet to make it all possible. But what a difference those few feet can make!

Open, but Discrete

When opening spaces to each other its important not to let the working functions of one intrude on the ambience of the other. This half wall contains the working kitchen from the family room and entry areas.

A Welcoming, and Functioning Entry

Too many side entries (where everybody enters) are cramped and inhospitable. Here we have daylit space, room to be met and greeted (and say goodbye), a place for the keys and to check messages, and hooks for coats (not seen is a coat closet). Outside the door is a covered area for folks to wait out of the weather.

Let the Outside In

We work to create visual connections with back yards and their landscapes. Here a continuous bank of windows enlarges the feeling of this already ample space, adding daylight and ventilation. The vaulted ceiling and skylights further enhance the openess.

Good Work Surfaces

This long peninsula has a maple top that is an ideal prep area. The suspended upper cabinets provide both function and a defining feature between kitchen and dining area.

A Built In Cutting Board

This kitchen features soapstone counters that compliment the relaxed feel of the room. We constructed a cutting board that fit into the top but is removable for cleanup at the sink. Its front edge is slightly scooped for easily sweeping items into a bowl.

Counter Service

This window opens from the kitchen to an adjacent screen porch. The counter makes it easy to serve in and out.

Tricks with Mirrors

These perpendicular mirrors serve to multiply this miniature bath times four. It also reflects a true image of anyone looking into it (not the normally reversed image we are used to seeing of ourselves – it can be a little disconcerting!).

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