A Bedroom Retreat

Here is a sensual bedroom suite to retreat to. Every feature of this cleverly divided space flows together within a single volume of comfort and delight . The only door is the one that invites you to enter.

A Sanctuary for a Loving Couple

What could be more important for a loving couple than a space to retreat to within the body of their home. For some, a bedroom is a place to end and begin the day. Not here. This is a bedroom to dwell in, to connect and unwind, to relax and visit, and to enjoy life’s pleasures together.

This is the only door in this space, here at this tranistional entry from a common hall. Once you pass into this space its charms unfold before you. Let’s take a look around!

Fabric that Luxuriously Divides

This was once an overlarge bedroom with this interior wall lined with separate doors for the entry, closets, and a bath. By simply removing those openings and inserting a simple partition wall, pushing the entry door back down the hall, and introducing sweeping curtains in place of doors and partitions the space took on a sense of romance and surprise.

There is something wonderful awaiting behind every corner.

A Simple Partition

Almost like a folding screen, this single partition divides what had been one large space into domains for the bed, a tub and shower area, and the bathroom. Wherever you are in the space, you can talk to your partner.

Allowing the ceiling space to span each area makes the room feel spacious, even as each distinct space is held to a size that makes it feel appropriately cozy.

It All Flows Together

This sweeping panoramic view reveals the organization of the space. Notice the way in which the peripheral spaces – the bathroom, hall, and closet – are contained by a lower ceiling, with a wall form that subtly punctuates the larger bedroom while connecting and containing them all.

If you look carefully, you will see many pieces of the puzzle that make up this suite of spaces in the form and with variations on the shape of an L.

A Sequence of Bath Spaces

These familiar bathroom features: the vanity, the shower, the tub, the makeup area – they all share convenient relationships with and to each other, even as the walls and ceiling spaces that define and contain them blur the distinction between where one room ends and another begins.

Crisp Lines and Beautiful Materials

Adhering to the rooms coherent design language, this inviting vanity follows the rooms aesthetic use of simple L shaped forms layered over and around each other to create useful features and functions. The lower ceiling and sculptural light form that become part of the cabinetry and woodwork creates a distinct feel for the site of daily routines. The mosaic green glass tile introduces a delightful background of color and texture and brings focus to this special vanity area.

A Shower Niche

Tucked inside a simple L that creates a space for a seat, this ample shower is contained by a clever rectangular stainless steel frame that both defines the shower space, caps the tile wall, and provides a simple rod for the two sided sheer curtain. The green glass tiles from the vanity area are used again here in simple vertical stripes to subtly add interest to the simple white walls. The white mosaic tile wraps from the tub area into the shower and across to the seat. Porcelain light fixtures provide an element of craft and a soft warm glow to the space.

A Tub Deck

Set up on step from the bedroom and bath floor level is a mahogany deck and arced skirt for a sweeping tub deck. The generous oval tub is large enough for two, while the broad tub deck is a place to sit and visit, light candles, and linger in this delightful space. By setting this feature up a step it creates a subtle distinction between it and the spaces it adjoins.

An Ample Closet Lurks

Behind the sweeping curtains in the bedroom is a large walk in closet with plenty of hanging, shelf, and shoe space. These curtains are offset slightly to allow the closet to be entered easily without the need to pull the curtain back as it is here. This feature gives the room a magical and romantic quality that makes the space feel like the sanctuary that it truly is.

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