A Bath with Wings

This magical Master Suite transformation weds imagination with impeccable craft and the inspired use of rich materials. And yes that is a TV in the vanity mirror!

Everything Floats

Everything was where it belonged in this master bath, but it still felt confining and, with a twelve foot peaked ceiling, awkwardly proportioned. By floating a winged light panel and pulling a furniture like vanity away from the walls we created the illusion of abundant space.

A Craft Masterpiece

This amazing vanity features an arcing frame surrounding a backlit panel. Floating within this frame is a medicine cabinet detailed like a jewelry box, including a TV concealed as a mirror. The double vessel sink sits on a travertine counter above a series of layered doors and drawers that operate easily without pulls – the doors bifold with an ingenious sliding track.

A Transparent Shower Alcove

To maintain a feeling of openness we used glass doors and a curved tile enclosure that says just enough to define the shower space. By tucking into the a corner of the adjacent closet we created a sitting niche, with the option of a rain shower from above for a blissed out retreat.

A Winged Lightform

To create a more appropriate focus and form for the room we crafted this winged sculptural ceiling form with translucent panels that are backlit. This single gesture magically transformed the whole space.

Connecting Spaces

The bathrooms magical features, the floating winged light form and the sculpted backlit vanity, are pieces of a larger mosaic that extends throughout the Master Suite. Looking beyond these features out and into the bedroom you glimpse the rich materials and carefully composed forms that tie it all together.

Master Bedroom Composition

Working with the features of the existing bedroom, we reduced the volume of the nine foot ceiling by dropping a broad perimeter ceiling down one foot and setting the alcove for the headboard between two slightly angled display bookcases. A sweeping shelf connects the two and receives the bed, with a handsome base built by the owner, himself a craftsman.

Dimmable lighting, with art on the walls carefully spotlit, allows the room to take on a soothing and intimate ambience, perfect for the retreat this bedroom is meant to be.

An Ample Closet

We reclaimed an unused powder room space to enlarge this master closet and create flow through the master suite. By shifting the entry to the suite up the hall slightly it became an apartment like domain and retreat from the main body of the house.

Crafty Dresser

Beautiful materials and a simple but evocative design make this Master Closet dresser shine. The leather pulls, evoking the feel of fine luggage, seemed just right for this beautifully crafted piece.

An Inviting Entry

A new entry to the Master Suite was created at the end of a long hallway becoming the focal point at its end. These arced doors frame spotlit artwork directly inside the entry. Prior to this, the door to the bedroom had been to the left of this artwork. By bringing the entry forward and into the hall we created a much stronger sense of the “suite” being entered, as well as providing options to go left and into the bedroom or right and into (or presumably out from) the dressing room.

Putting an Odd Corner to Work

As you enter the bedroom you encounter this unusual alcove with a small window in it. At our first visit there was a framed family photo sitting forlornly on the floor here, a space looking for a purpose. We transformed this odd corner to create a magical welcome to the bedroom suite.

Our dropped ceiling and crafted frame create a dramatic display niche, lit from above, with the walls draped in sheer fabric, and the pebbled stone floor raised. This sculpture dynamically evokes the loving family embrace that is celebrated every time the room is entered, backlit by the window by day and dramatically lit by the interior lighting by night.

Bamboo Vanity Niche

To provide a separate space for this family’s daughter to use when the main bathroom was occupied we designed this vanity niche off the main hall on the way to a laundry space. The composition by designer Mark Couet features several varieties of bamboo as a design material, as well as an innovative light diffuser and the creative use of mirrors.

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