These videos explain some of the fundamental design and construction principles and practices that we depend on and employ. The are intended to provide you with useful background and guidance.

Our Homes Energy Legacy

The homes most of us know, certainly the ones we grew up in, were built for the world that was. And that world had little concern and only gave passing thought to the energy they required to maintain functions and provide comfort. What if we considered the legacy of those choices? What if we lightened the load?


Homes Built Like a Thermos

Chances are you’re already well aware of the strategy we depend on to design and build high performance, energy efficient homes – especially if you’re a coffee drinker! In this video we make the connection between how our homes and a thermos are both designed to achieve the same thing. We demonstrate this with an experiment involving a mug, a teapot, a thermos, and a pot of boiling water. Watch and learn!

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