These videos follow the process of designing and building some of our projects. In each one we share the thinking that lies behind the phase of the project that the video is describing.

Getting Started on the Hill House

We’re excited to get started on another “Right Sized” project

Sean and Carla discovered and purchased a pretty special piece of land. It turned out to be a long journey with more than a few regulatory and legal hurdles to navigate, but we are finally breaking ground. In this video you can sense our excitement about finally getting started on this long awaited project. As it takes shape we will be hosting an Open Wall Open House and sharing the progress.

Penthouse Patio Solar PV Canopy

We remodeled this 2000SF Penthouse Condo in West Hartford to bring it into the 21st Century. This involved an thorough updating of the floor plan and finishes, but also included cutting the energy load in half. Next we added two solar PV canopies that provide 87% of all the energy the home requires. Pretty sweet!

The “Just Right” House #6: Building for Affordability

In this video we review some of the strategies we rely on to design and build a satisfying home with exceptional energy performance while honoring the limits of a tight budget. Affordability in this case became both a limit and the focus for inspiration. Affordability is at once, “what can’t we afford to do” AND “how much can we do with what we have!” Here’s how we met that challenge.

The “Just Right” House #5: Insulating Right

Homes of the past were built without much energy awareness. That was then. Today we know better. Energy matters. In this video we describe our insulation strategies, their many benefits, and why they create such comfortable environments. Watch until the end for your moment of zen!

The “Just Right” House #4: Testing for Tightness

Our “Pretty Sweet House” is tested for air leakage using a blower door and a fog machine. We find a couple small leaks (that’s why we test) that will be easy to fix. We also describe how we provide healthy ventilation for a high performance home. Attention to these details assures the home will perform the way it was designed.

The “Just Right” House #3: Design Strategies

Here we take a look at two design strategies as this house takes shape. One that is the foundation for affordability. The other that takes its inspiration from a thermos and how we save energy by being miserly about what a home requires to provide comfort. As the building is taking shape we can observe these strategies in action.

The “Just Right” House #2: Design Inspiration

We’re sharing the process of designing and building a high performance house in Cheshire CT. In this episode we talk about how the house was designed, including inspiration from Sears Kit Homes and Sarah Susanka’s “Not So Big House.” In the process we end up producing a set of “Guiding Principles” that serve as the foundation for the project’s design.

The “Just Right” House #1: Getting Started

Getting started on a High Performance Home in Cheshire CT. We’re building this Pretty Good [ “Just Right” ]House using all the techniques we employ when building a Passive House, but in this case choosing not to go as far because our client already owns double glazed windows AND the house is shaded by a beautiful tree. This is the first in a series following the project and its progress.

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