These videos explain the systems we rely on to design and construct our projects. They explain the many resources we depend on to communicate and manage our relationship with you throughout your project.

Product Selections using Smartsheets

Managing and organizing the process of proposing, selecting, and approving project products and finishes takes a lot of coordination and sharing of information. We really like using Smartsheets to control and communicate each step in this process. This video introduces you to this system and how we use it.

Managing Additional Work

We’d like to introduce you to the system we rely on to manage additions and revisions to the scope of work after a contract is signed. Once the project starts we need to document and manage any changes or additions to the established project scope and whatever effect that may have on the cost. So when any new tasks – or scope items in our language – are added to the project, or if one of the existing ones  is revised or eliminated, we call those “Additional Work” Items – they’re additions to the project’s scope of work. This video explains the whole process.

Collaborating on Basecamp

Great projects depend on good communication. We find the online communication hub Basecamp a productive place to share information with our clients as we develop a project together. Think of it as our shared computer desktop. We can post messages and comment on them, post files, suggest products with links and all stay in sync with each other.

Collaborating with Houzz

Houzz is a wonderful resource to use to collaborate on the design of your project. We get in sync by sharing “Ideabooks” in which you save images of design features that express how you would like your project to look and feel. We feed off of these images as we design your project.

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