Open Wall Open House

You’re invited to this Earth Day mid-construction showcase of the features that make this “just right” home possible. We’ll tell the story behind the design. Tours and a talk will take place at the home under construction in Cheshire at 11AM and 1:30PM on Saturday April 23.


This new home being built in Cheshire aims to achieve high performance and affordability by integrating today’s most advanced building practices with lessons from the beloved small homes of the early twentieth century. You’re invited to a mid construction showcase of the features that make this possible and the story behind the design. Tours and a talk will take place at the home under construction at 179 Country Club Road in Cheshire at 11AM and 1:30PM on Saturday April 23.


  • Strategies used to design and build a high performance home affordably
  • How to set the stage to make smart choices when planning a new home (or remodeling an existing one)
  • How some old ideas can be combined with today’s most advanced building practices
  • Why better comfort, health, durability, and performance need to be baked in, not pasted on
  • Why this matters to the world and how our homes shape the future


  • Jamie Wolf – Designer & Home Performance Advocate
  • Janet Downey – Project Manager and Resource Coordinator

We’ll explain just what makes a home like this so different from everything that has come before, and why we can’t imagine ever building a home that is not “energy aware.”

OPEN HOUSE LOCATION: 179 Country Club Road in Cheshire

179 Club Estate Pl, Sunnyvale, Tex 75182, United States

Open Wall Open House

Saturday April 23 at 11:00AM and 1:30PM


A client talks about working with Wolfworks

We worked with Wolfworks utilizing their design and build services in the construction of a new home. Our goal was to build a high quality home that worked for us functionally, a beautiful space to live in, easy to maintain, and energy efficient. Jamie and Janet met or exceeded our expectations in all these areas.

For us, the design process went very smoothly. We had previous done some design work with another firm, and Jamie was able to take that work along with our wish list and produce a design that addressed the problems with the previous design along with including all our must haves. During the construction, the contractors that Wolfworks brought to the job were top notch. When issues did arise, they were addressed in a timely manner. We did experience some unforeseen material shortages that caused a minor delay in the completion date, but they were out of Wolfworks control. I also felt that both Jamie and Janet were watching out to insure that what was constructed met their high expectations. If it did not, it would be addressed.

Jamie taught me that we were really building a low load home. We are energy efficient, but the key is that the home is so well insulated that our heating and cooling requirements are minimal. So minimal, that with the use of our Solar Panels, we are truly a Net Zero home. We did not start out with this goal, but Jamie showed us that it was achievable without that much additional cost. This emphasis led to us being selected as co-winners of the 2013 CT Zero Energy Challenge.

Above all, we really love our home and enjoy living in it. We get very positive comments from just about anyone who visits, from friends and family to the UPS guy or the person delivering compost (really!). Overall, I would recommend Wolfworks to anyone looking to build a home or doing a remodeling project.




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