Every beautiful project in our portfolio has a story. And every one of those stories has a hero.

While every telling is different each of our heroes began their journey just like you, a little unsatisfied with your home as it is.  We meet and become allies and set off on our quest to create a great home. The story continues with the discovery of your home as it could be. Excited by the possibilities revealed by design our hero is empowered to see that change is achievable. Plans are made and the project is carefully crafted. The journey is complete and those beautiful images capture the result. The home performs. The hero thrives.



Discover what’s possible.

Design what’s achievable.

Craft what’s lasting.

…then treasure enduring Performance.


This is how every story unfolds. 


You know your home could look, work, and feel better. You see inviting spaces and wonder, “how could I accomplish that?” This is a journey from your home as it is to your home as it could be. A great home! A journey that begins by discovering a path.

Have you adapted to a house that doesn’t fit you, never mind make you feel truly, deeply at home? Imagine a home that is a custom fit. One that is not in your way, but rather contributes to your well-being. That helps you thrive. 

Let’s discover how to create that great home – for you – for your family – for the world we share. Design thinking makes this manageable …and achievable. It clears the path to smart choices.

Let’s discover how you can have both.


Your journey requires a plan. A roadmap that will assure you are thinking clearly before you act. Design thinking invites you to follow a path that leads from exploration to discovery, and on from there to practical planning and execution. Smart choices, carefully considered, then done.

Design is how you plan to make things better. Design thinking reveals the plan.

You start with questions. You observe what’s working – and what’s not! You seek opportunities. You respect limits. You manage resources. A solution emerges from what you learn.

You picture what’s possible in a style that pleases. You acknowledge costs. You make smart choices.

We design a path to get it done.


There is something essentially satisfying in the lasting beauty of a thing thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted. These are the things you take delight in day after day, year after year. These are also the things, unseen, that work and go on working.

How it’s made is as important as what is made. People come to work each day to have a good day doing just that. You want their care and attention.

Making it whole takes many hands …and many pieces. Craftsmanship comes from years learning to make them fit. You want talent. We depend on it. Crafting every detail with a practiced eye.

Design is planning. Craft is doing. We manage both.

The enduring value of lasting beauty.


Performance is what you expect when you are finished building. You design for it. High performance building invites you to expect more. Levels of comfort, health, durability, and energy performance that homes of the past never imagined. But we have. And you will.

You design for the performance you’ll enjoy for years to come. It’s baked in. Not pasted on.

Performance you can measure. Less energy by design. Simpler equipment to satisfy the smaller need.

Performance you can feel. Barefoot comfort in every space. Healthy clean air at a constant rate.

Performance that’s enduring. Robust building methods and quality materials that last. You don’t get many chances to lock in this kind of security.

For you, and those that follow, for decades to come.

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