The Passive House Solution

I know something new. I know how to design and build homes that are dramatically better than any I’ve ever built. What I know is radically simple. It is systematically measurable and therefore proven. It …

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Then think again. It’s time to ask some fundamental questions. Sometimes all over again. It’s time to think clearly. Then act!


Design matters. When we learn to use all the tools in the design toolbox we discover more and make smarter choices.


Build better. Its time to make smart choices about how we build and the materials we choose to build with.


And energy sense. Our future literally depends on our ability to understand and use energy wisely.


Experience. Imagination. Familiarity. We depend on the sum of these part to offer and make good decisions.

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Waste = Food: Breaking the Trash Habit
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Waste = Food: Breaking the Trash Habit

Our houses have habits. And we learn them.
Next thing you know you’re adapting your behavior to the way your home doesn’t work. There’s no place to organize the mail, so it lands on the kitchen …

The Quarry in your Kitchen
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The Quarry in your Kitchen

So many kitchens. So many stone countertops.
Beautiful, swirling marbles. Rich chocolate caramel granites. Blues. Golds. Emerald greens. Works of astounding abstract art created by nature. And they’re durable and long lasting.
When I think back over …