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We want to let you know about events happening locally that have captured our attention, are being presented by folks we know or support, or that we are involved in. Check in here to see where you just might find us!

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piasjolin Events at Pia Sjolin’s Gallery at the Shoppes in Canton

Pia Sjolin had the courage and audacity to open a gallery in the midst of economic uncertainty that not only features her remarkable work, but invites us all to share and collaborate in a series of regular events at her space in the Shoppes at Farmington Valley in Canton. Check her blog for updates. We’ll do our best to call attention to the ones that capture our attention

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Fall Open House with Terry Walters


This delightful open house event was held in celebration of the Wolfworks projects featured in NOT SO BIG REMODELING and Terry Walters exceptional cookbook CLEAN FOOD. Get copies of recipes and handouts about remodeling, future friendly homes, passive house, and five actions to take to manage energy in your home on the Oct. 6 Open House page.